"A buildings first mission should be to serve the people, enhance your life and make you feel comfortable in your daily activities. The building should be in harmony with its natural environment and integrated with its site, taking advantage of the natural features of the landscape, whether urban or suburban. We design with natural colors, landscape elements and open spaces. Exterior and interior spaces and parts are integrated naturally into a whole, cohesive design. Every design should belong to its time, respect and use the inherent properties of the building materials; wood or stone (or steel or glass). It is our goal to consider an energy efficient building built with "green" and sustainable materials an integral part of the Architectural design to meet this goal. Principles, not style, guides our designs." We are a practice with broad experience, providing comprehensive architectural services in all phases of a project. We have worked with clients from East coast to West Coast and from Europe to South America. Todays technology and communications have made this possible and very feasible. Whatever you project we will not only meet your expectations but hope to exceed them.










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